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Moving away from Apple altogether… July 7, 2010

Posted by Paul Walton in Personal.
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I’ve decided to move away from Apple altogether. I was running with an Apple iPhone 3G and HTC Hero.  Since the dreaded IOS 4 came out on my iPhone, it has been running like a dog.  Yesterday I was offsite and I was relying on my phones for connectivity to emails etc.

Both phones let me down, not completely but almost.  Very frustrating.  I wasn’t sure if it was down to bad network connections or just slow phones!  But can it be the network.  Christ sake, I was in central London!

So last night I bought myself a new HTC Desire.  Cost my just shy of £300 but I am pretty sure it will be worth it.

My HTC Hero phone.  Well I continue to be frustrated at HTC for not issuing the official upgrade to my phone, which may be a factor!  Fingers crossed they will not show the same traits to the Desire as they have done to the Hero.

I also find it massively amusing the official responses from Apple on the issues all iPhone 4 users are experiences.  Don’t you just love it – “please don’t hold the phone like that”


So is the iPhone any good? Great gadget, shocking phone…….. June 19, 2009

Posted by Paul Walton in Personal.
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Well since a corporate event held by Apple and O2 trying to get the corporate world to buy into the iPhone as a business device, I have had my iPhone since November. I have a very much love hate relationship with it.  At the moment I couldn’t give it back because I love the UI (user interface), all the apps and the sheer simplicity around the device.  I am never off the damm thing, which is a good thing right?


It seems other suppliers are fighting back.  I am interested in new models of the Blackberry Tour for example.  My phone is due for renewal and I am tempted to move away from the iPhone.  After all I find myself only using a few apps which are available on other devices, which seem to have richer functionality but don’t have the simplistic UI that I love.  Version 3 of the iPhone has just been released and I love it.  All basic stuff that should have been part of the original offering?

It has to be said though that the iPhone as a phone is SHOCKING.  The phone for the transfer of data is SHOCKING.  I often get cut off or voicemails just arrive days after it was left etc.  Also I use my Blackberry 8800 for my works email.  I set up my iPhone for my works email also to compare the 2.  Both on the O2 network.

The BB wins hands down for the transfer of data.  Standing opposite platform 5 and 6 of Waterloo Station waiting on my train, I get my 2 devices out to compare.  My BB is transferring my emails with no issues.  My iPhone does nothing!  Now if I were solely reliant on the iPhone I would have alot of dead time!  Not good.  I did feedback to O2, got some info back but overall I get this with the iPhone all the time!

Should I move away?  Hmmm just not decided yet…….