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My Web links

….the sites that I use / like

http://albacarpetcleaning.org.uk/ – yes Chris who runs it, is a mate, but I know he does a good job.  Based in South West London.  Mention that you got the link from me and get a 10% discount.

http://www.ebuyer.com/ – great for computers etc etc.  Used them for years.  Always good reviews from them.  Also the public give reviews on products, which I think is fantastic.  Helps you make that choice of your next purchase.

http://www.brightbeehive.com/ – My old bosses new business venture.  Social networking within the work place.  This topic interests me and I’ve got some good stuff from this site.  It inspired me to start my blog!

Ebay Sniper – great site for winning your ebay items.  I’ve won a good few things from ebay because of this service.  Highly recommend it.

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