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Moving away from Apple altogether… July 7, 2010

Posted by Paul Walton in Personal.
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I’ve decided to move away from Apple altogether. I was running with an Apple iPhone 3G and HTC Hero.  Since the dreaded IOS 4 came out on my iPhone, it has been running like a dog.  Yesterday I was offsite and I was relying on my phones for connectivity to emails etc.

Both phones let me down, not completely but almost.  Very frustrating.  I wasn’t sure if it was down to bad network connections or just slow phones!  But can it be the network.  Christ sake, I was in central London!

So last night I bought myself a new HTC Desire.  Cost my just shy of £300 but I am pretty sure it will be worth it.

My HTC Hero phone.  Well I continue to be frustrated at HTC for not issuing the official upgrade to my phone, which may be a factor!  Fingers crossed they will not show the same traits to the Desire as they have done to the Hero.

I also find it massively amusing the official responses from Apple on the issues all iPhone 4 users are experiences.  Don’t you just love it – “please don’t hold the phone like that”