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Updating my Hero to Android 2.1 May 3, 2010

Posted by Paul Walton in Personal.

So I am a big fan of mobile technology, therefore the handset I have is important to me.  Smartphones really are changing the way we communicate with each other.  The launch of the iPhone back in summer of 2007 radically changed the way we interact with each other and the way we think about our mobile phones.

After very frustrating news that HTC are continuing to hold back the software update to all Hero phones, I decided to look into the process of “rooting your phone” and installing a non official ROM update.  Most normal HTC Heros run on version 1.5 of the phones operating system.  Version 2.1 and even talks of 2.2 are due out in the coming months.

You have to go through a process of “rooting” your phone and uploading a “ROM” update.

Don’t stress about it, it is all fairly straight forward.

I done this and it took me a few hours.  I have to say that it has put new life into my Hero phone and I am loving it.  The look and feel to Android 2.1 is more polished.  My biggest complaint about Android was that the apps were not (and currently are not) polished like the iPhone apps.  But with Android 2.1 it looks much much better.  The quality of the apps will eventually come to Android, which can only be a good thing.

Why Android over Apple – the main reason for me is that this is all open.  I don’t believe there are as many restrictions to the development.  Plus buying an Android phone is cheaper than buying an iPhone – see my previous blog on that!

Though saying that on cost, it does annoy me that HTC have withheld the 2.1 update.  There is no clear reason as to why.  In my opinion it is because they want the user base to go out and buy new hardware.  Users will do that eventually but don’t force them to.  Customer loyalty in my mind is a key to a great success story and I don’t believe HTC have that opinion.  The lack of public communication has upset many HTC owners and I get a strong feeling they will walk away.  Another competitor could take advantage of this (come on Sony Ericsson or Samsung).

The mobile market is a very fast moving sector and you need to keep the users happy.  I can see why this is difficult, but it is something the sector has created, which in my view is a good thing for the end consumer.

Anyway, if you want to update your Hero as like I, then do the following –

step 1 – back up your phone! Copy all your pics etc to your computer
step 2 – download this ROM http://htcpedia.com/behero-2-1-sense-rom-hero/soft/htc-hero-rom.html – store it in a temp directory or something
step 3 – go here and follow the instructions – STEP by STEP!  – http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/27/how-to-load-a-custom-rom-on-your-htc-hero/

Big RED flag!!!!! YOU LOOSE all your data on the phone and have to download all your apps again.  So before you start it make sure you back up those precious pictures and your much loved music.



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