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So I’ve moved away from the iPhone to the HTC Hero August 27, 2009

Posted by Paul Walton in Personal.

A few blogs back, I was going on about how bad the iPhone was as a phone.  Great gadget but a shocking phone.  Always just not getting a signal on the O2 network.

So with my contract coming to an end, I was able to move.  After a swift look on the web, it became clear that the HTC Hero, which has the Android OS (made by Google) was a good option.  Great reviews from many sites.

I went to see the phone before I bought it online (thank you Carphonewarehouse for your public service of showing the phone before I purchased it online!)

So I ordered my phone with dialaphone.co.uk.  Great service and I got a good deal.

The phone itself – well it looks great.  I was really impressed by the build quality.  The Teflon coating on the back is great.  The phone does pretty much everything the iPhone does.  The screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone.  The quality of the screen though is amazing – very high quality.  The icons and your pics look great on this screen.  My phone did come with a 2Gb micro SD card, which is nice, but I would have preferred a 8Gb as standard.  I’ve found the phone intuitive to use and the different scenes to make it more personable is just fantastic.

A real big positive for me on this is how personable you can get this phone to be.  For example, linking your contacts directly in with their Facebook accounts so the phone uses their FB profile picture on your phone – great touch.  It also uses the FB birthday details and reminds you.  Yet another great touch.

There are loads of really good apps out there to which I have just started to play with and overall I am impressed.  The only app I can’t get which I would love to get is Fieldrunners (I had this on my iPhone)

Now financials – this is a big big positive.  On my O2 contract, I was paying £35 per month for 600 minutes talk to any network and 500 text messages.  This included unlimited internet usage.  My new deal, well for my £35 per month, I get 1200 minutes talk to any network, unlimited text (fair usage policy of 3000, yes 3000 per month – wow!) and unlimited internet usage (again fair usage policy of 500Mb, which is plenty!!!!).  Plus this is the big positive, the phone was FREE.  If I wanted to upgrade my iPhone to the new iPhone 3Gs, it would have costed my £284 plus the £35 per month.  Just way to much O2 – you need to listen to your customers!!!!!

Overall the HTC Hero is a great phone.  In my view I struggle to see why you would actually buy an iPhone.  Now there are other reviews out there by the professional journalists who talk about lag on the phone and the camera isn’t that great.  I personally think they are being far too picky and critical.  I’ve not really noticed the lag on the phone and I think the camera is great.  Much much better than the iPhone.

In my view – if you want to spend loads of cash to be a sheep with the in crowd, buy the iPhone.  If you want to save cash and have a more fun experience buy the HTC Hero.  I really don’t think you will be disappointed.



1. Arthur - September 2, 2009

Hi Paul

Glad to see you have caught on that its not the hype its the functionality that is important.

Or in my case not the size

2. Dave - February 1, 2010

The Nexus One is coming!

3. paulwalton72 - February 1, 2010

It sure is Dave and I’m looking forward to actually seeing the phone. Mixed reviews all round and I think Android needs to do more on thier apps market to really compete agains Apple.

But yes looking forward to seeing the phone and I may just get one!


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