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Implementing Global CRM….a challenging task…… June 16, 2009

Posted by Paul Walton in Business.

OK, I’m working in a sector where technology is not embraced in any great way, in fact, I would say that compared to other Professional Services firms, it is about 10-15yrs behind the game.  This can be massively frustrating, but also present itself with great opportunity, a real chance of getting ahead of the game (well competitors)….

Currently I’m trying to start a pilot of Salesforce.com.  Whilst the company I work for are fantastic in relationship management, CRM as a process in my view isn’t really understood. 

Long sessions in discussing basic principles such as opportunity management, which can turn into your pipeline and eventually help with your fee forecasting.

Big questions like, what is the definition of a client?  Someone (or organisation) we interact with or someone who we have billed within x amount of time?  What about clients you have billed over x amount of time, but not recently and you still want to keep in touch.  Are they clients or opportunities?

Another massive challenge which is never to be under estimated is the cultural challenge of organisations which have not invested or embrace technology.

The struggle continues.  I am seeing glimmer of hope with a few “new bloods” within my organisation, but it remains a struggle.  Very much up against the cultural barrier.  People in my sector are slow to change, but the slower they get, the more our competitors gain traction and over take!



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